C-Evolution BMW Motomediateam

Motomediateam introduced the 100% electric motos into our fleet. The BMW C-Evolution motos are ideally suited for filming marathons, triathlons and other low speed shoots.These motos are rigged with full live equipment for eight hours active live broadcasting.


BMW GSA 1250 Motomediateam

Our fleet of motos BMW GSA  all supply with the extensive transmitters of Mobile viewpoint with up to twelve data connections for exceptionally stable connections. Even with poor coverage, it is possible to transmit stable images.

Live helicopter with cineflex

Motomediateam helikopter live

We provide every helicopter with the necessary equipment for your live events. We deliver everything safely, plug and play easy to operate for everyone.

A very flexible ob-van | control room

Motomediateam regie

regie Motomediateam

A very compact OB vehicle with all the necessary equipment for a decent live broadcast. Our car is also used often as a live control room at large productions to check the incoming images and the communication to the motorcycles and helicopter.

HDTV lens with built-in image optical stabilizer

Canon VAP lens Motomediateam tv4Cycling

Motomediateam SKODA Tour

All our camera operators have the Canon’s HJ15ex8.5B KRSE-V portable HD zoom lens ideally suited for diverse and challenging outdoor shooting situations because it can stabilize a wide range of vibration frequencies on shaky platforms, to the higher-frequency vibration that cameras are subject to when operated inside TV news helicopters, motor vehicles, and motorbikes.

Drone HD broadcasting

Motomediateam Drone

Motomediateam Drone image

Broadcast everything live – from global news events to sports, all directly tolarge-screen displays, multi-million YouTube audiences andstandard TV channels.